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Non-Stock Corporations, 1889-2001

  • Formal Title: Charter Documents – Domestic Nonstock Corporations (dissolved, merged, consolidated, or administratively or involuntarily dissolved)
  • Dates Covered: 1889-2001
  • Call number: Series 357

Non-Stock corporations are private, non-profit, groups such as clubs, and many types of civic, social, religious, and charitable organizations. The records contain articles and certificates of incorporation and amendments, and sometimes also contain certificates of newly elected officers and merger or dissolution documents.

Search by full or partial corporation name and/or by county. This is an AND search. Leaving the County blank will search corporations from all Wisconsin counties. Leaving the Name of Corporation blank, but adding a county, will produce a list of all non-stock corporations registered for that county.

Name of Corporation:

Important information about the index:
  • The index shows the corporate ID number and the box number where the records are stored.
  • To view or request copies from the records you will need to provide the call number (Series 357), box number and corporate ID number.
  • The index covers corporations that became defunct before 1994, either for failure to file required documents, or by formal dissolution.

More information on the Non-stock Corporation records
  • The records themselves are not online. Only the index is online.
  • Through articles of incorporation and amendments, the files provide a summary overview of the purpose of the corporation and the names of the original corporation officers.
  • County information is not complete for corporations which dissolved, merged, or consolidated after 1989.
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