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Maps in Books

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Map of the Detroit River from 1764.

La Riviere du Detroit, 1764
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What can I find here?

The Society has digitally reproduced hundreds of maps from rare books, manuscripts, magazines and journals that cover all aspects of Wisconsin and American history. The maps are grouped as follows:

  • American Journeys Maps
    102 maps ranging from 1492-1850, complied from American Journeys, a digital library and learning center of eyewitness accounts of early American exploration and settlement.
  • Wisconsin County Histories Maps
    35 maps from 90 volumes.
  • Wisconsin Historical Collections Maps
    14 maps ranging from 1856-1914, compiled from 20 volumes.
  • Wisconsin Magazine of History Maps
    Hundreds of maps ranging from 1917-present, compiled from more than 2,000 articles.

How is it organized?


  • The original paper maps are widely scattered throughout books and journals in the Society's Library.
  • Only a few of these maps are located in the Archives' maps and atlases.


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