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Korean War

What We Own

The Wisconsin Historical Society's collections related to the Korean War are broad in scope and coverage. The Society Archives holds letters, photos and personal and organizational papers reflecting the roles of Wisconsin citizens, and the larger issues of the Cold War. The Society Library maintains general histories, unit histories, personal narratives, journal articles, newspaper accounts and government documents related to the conflict.

In the Archives

Holdings also include a number of manuscript collections containing soldier letters, reminiscences, and home front information related to the Korean War and U.S. troops stationed in Korea. Rich collections also document print, broadcast, and photo journalists who covered the Korean War, and specific domestic repercussions of the Cold War including McCarthyism.

Except for those serving in the Wisconsin National Guard, the Archives has no official military records or official service records for Korean War soldiers. For official service records contact National Personnel Records Center (Military Records), NARA, 9700 Page Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132.

In the Library

The Library houses general histories about virtually every aspect of the Korean War including battles, major figures, military units, armaments, diplomacy, and home front life. In addition, Library collections include personal narratives, memoirs, biographies, unit histories, and military atlases.


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