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Wisconsin National Guard

What We Own

The Wisconsin National Guard (called the State Militia until 1879) can be traced to appointment of the first adjutant general of the Wisconsin Territory in 1839. 

For the years prior to the Civil War, records are very sketchy, consisting primarily of the governors' appointments of militia officers and militia lists from a few regions of Wisconsin. 

In the Archives

The richest National Guard records document participation in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War, when Wisconsin troops served predominantly in military units organized by the Wisconsin Adjutant General. 

For the post-Civil War period, archives holdings contain records on the organization and administration of the National Guard and, after it was formed in 1947, of the Air National Guard. There are also personnel records on individual members.

In the Library

The Library houses a wide variety of general histories and reports created by or about the Wisconsin National Guard or its predecessor, the Adjutant General's Office.  These materials augment original records housed by the Archives. 


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