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Wisconsin Dells/Baraboo Tour

Learn how this photo helped to make Wisconsin a tourism mecca at H. H. Bennett Studio.
Learn how this photo
helped to make Wisconsin
a tourism mecca at
H.H. Bennett Studio.

With craggy cliffs rising a hundred feet above the water, the spectacular dalles of the Wisconsin River provide one Wisconsin's most breathtaking vistas. According to Native American legend, a giant serpent created this magnificent seven-mile stretch of rocky gorges, pinnacles and caverns. Recent scholarship suggests an ice dam containing the waters of a giant lake formed by melting glaciers gave way some 14,000 years ago, causing a cataclysmic torrent of debris-laden water to cascade through the narrow canyon, scouring and sculpting the Wisconsin Dells we know today. Come explore this special place, where the Ho-Chunk people lived for centuries before European contact, and share the spirit of wanderlust that called legions of tourists here even before the turn of the 20th century.

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