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Syndicate This Site with Javascript

These Javascript feeds can be posted to your own website for free.

  • Odd Wisconsin Javascript:

  • Historic Diaries Javascript:

  • Style Sheet:

  • Or see the different javascript feeds for This Day In Wisconsin History

How to Use This Material

  1. Take the Javascript and insert it into your HTML code. Making any adjustments to the javascript will cause it to not work (this isn't about keeping you from changing the code, it's about keeping the code clean and functional).
  2. Take the style sheet material and insert it into your style sheet or into the header of the document between some <style> tags. We have a default style, but feel free to adjust the style sheet to suit your own design.
  3. "whsbox" controls the container (width, border, color and font for the entire section), "whstitle" controls the feed's title, "whsheader" controls the entry's title, and "whstext" controls the excerpt.
  4. Examples of what Odd Wisconsin and Historic Diaries will look like.

We hope to be adding more feeds in the future. If there is an RSS feed that you'd like to be a Javascript feed, let us know and we'll set it up.

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