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Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story

The New Fourth-Grade History Textbook

Student Activity Guide

from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press
By Bobbie Malone and Mary Mullen

Paperback: $39.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-396-1

252 pages
300 illustrations
8.5 x 11

DVD: $39.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-469-2
Adobe Reader 9.3

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NEW! Digital Student Activity Guide

Now available is the Student Activity Guide DVD, which includes all the textbook's Student Activity Guide materials in a digital format, for both print outs and smart boards. With the DVD you'll also receive the "Thinking Like a Historian" instructional video and additional textbook activities. If you purchase a classroom set, you'll be able to choose between the printed or digital Student Activity Guide.

Engaging activities that meet Wisconsin Academic Standards

The Student Activity Guide for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" brings each chapter of this textbook alive for Wisconsin teachers and students! The Guide addresses Wisconsin Academic Standards across the board by providing a variety of activities for each topic. The choice of available activities means that the Guide will accommodate a wide range of teacher preferences and classrooms.

Primary sources at your fingertips

Wisconsin people and places move from the pages of history into the classroom through the primary sources that are incorporated into the activities. These include fascinating excerpts from letters, journals, and autobiographies as well as pictures, maps, and other documents presented in small, easy-to-teach chunks.

Activities for every learning style

While reproducible worksheets are a key component of the Guide, other crosscurricular activities make the textbook material accessible to all learners. These include drawing, hands-on work, modeling, simulation, computer/Internet, map-work, drama, games, and music. All the variety will stimulate student understanding!


Activity 6 from Chapter 2 of the printed Student Activity Guide was revised in September, 2010.

Download Chapter 2, Activity 6 pages
(PDF, 3 pages, 143 KB)
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