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On This Day: April 15

1861 - Wisconsin Called Upon to Send Soldiers

On this date Governor Alexander W. Randall received a telegram from Washington requesting one regiment of 780 men to serve the Union for three months in the Civil War.  Within a week ten companies, from Kenosha, Beloit, Horican, Fond du Lac, Madison, and Milwaukee were ready. [Source: The History of Wisconsin, Vol. II by Richard N. Current]

1865 - (Civil War) Abraham Lincoln dies in Washington, D.C.

President Abraham Lincoln died early in the morning, in a boarding house opposite Ford's Theatre. He had been shot by John Wilkes Booth on the previous evening while watching a play. A newspaper clipping from the morning of April 15 is included at "Wisconsin in the Civil War."

1876 - First Northern Wisconsin Telegraph Line Completed

On this date the first telegraph line in northern Wisconsin was completed near Ashland. A few months later, this same telegraph line was used to convey General Custer's defeat. [Source: "B" Book I, Beer Bottles, Brawls, Boards, Brothels, Bibles, Battles & Brownstone by Tony Woiak]

1912 - Edward Gifford Crosby Dies

On this date Captain Edward G. Crosby, retired Great Lakes skipper and head of the Great Lakes Shipping Company in Milwaukee, died while a passenger on the Titanic. In 1903 Crosby founded the Crosby Transportation Company which by 1910 was operating four steamers out of Milwaukee: Nyack, E. G. Crosby, Conestoga and May Graham. His wife and daughter were passengers survived, but he did not. Crosby's body was located and identified after the disaster, and returned to his family in Milwaukee. [Source: Encyclopedia Titanica]

1987 - Brewer's First No-Hitter Game

On this date Juan Nieves recorded the Brewers first no-hitter, making him the first Puerto Rican-born pitcher to accomplish this feat in the Major Leauge. [Source: Milwaukee Brewers Timeline]

1988 - Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act Enacted

On this date the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act became effective. The law requires businesses with fifty or more employees to provide up to six weeks of leave for the birth or adoption of a child. Employers must also provide up to two weeks of leave for the care of a child, spouse or parent with a serious health condition, as well as up to two weeks for the employee's own serious health condition. [Source: Department of Workforce Development]