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On This Day: September 27

1831 - John Winans Born

On this date John Winans was born in Vernon, New Jersey. Winans moved to Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1857 where he practiced law. After serving as an alderman inJanesville in 1861 and city attorney (1865-1875), he later served as mayor for the years 1885-1887. He was elected to the State Assembly in 1874, 1882, 1887, and 1891. He served as colonel on the staff of Governor Taylor in 1874 and 1875. Winans was elected as a Democrat to Congress, serving from March 4, 1883, to March 3, 1885. [Source: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress]

1842 - First Public Music Hall Opens in Milwaukee

On this date the first public music hall in Milwaukee opened with a performance of Shylock and William Tell by Lynn & Powell's Detroit and Chicago Company. The hall was built by John Hustis on the northwest corner of Third and Chestnut Streets in Milwaukee. [Source: History of Milwaukee, Vol. II, by James S. Buck, p.121]

1851 - Land for Poor Farm Purchased

On this date land was purchased for a Poor Farm to be located in the Town of Yorkville, near Racine. [Source: Racine History]

1862 - (Civil War) 29th Wisconsin Infantry Musters In

The 29th Wisconsin Infantry mustered in. It would go on to participate in the battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hill, the Sieges of Vicksburg and Jackson, the Red River Campaign, the siege of Spanish Fort and the capture of Fort Blakely, Alabama.

1959 - Beth Heiden Born

On this date Wisconsin speedskater, Beth Heiden was born in Madison, Wisconsin. Sister to Eric Heiden, Beth Heiden won the bronze medal for the 3,000 m at the 1980 Olympics. Heiden was also a world class cyclist. [Source: Wisconsin Museum Exhibits]