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On This Day: September 20

1863 - (Civil War) Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, Ends

For three days, 58,000 Union troops had faced off against 66,000 Confederates in the war's second-bloodiest battle. The battle left Union troops pinned inside Chattanooga, Tennessee, and temporarily halted their advance into the heart of the Confederacy. Nine Wisconsin regiments participated.

1892 - North Wisconsin Academy Opens

On this date the foundation of Northland College was laid when North Wisconsin Academy opened near Ashland with 27 students. Northland College was established by active members of the Congregational Church. The college focuses on environmental studies. [Source: Northland College]

1912 - Frank Zeidler Born

On this date socialist politician Frank Zeidler was born in Milwaukee. Attracted to Socialism after reading the works of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas, Zeidler joined the Socialist Party in 1941 and was soon elected to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. In 1948 Zeidler ran as the Socialist candidate for Milwaukee mayor, winning the election and holding office until 1960. He was one of many socialists to hold office in Milwaukee. While mayor, Zeidler also became national chairperson of the Socialist Party in 1958. Zeidler also ran unsuccessfully as a socialist candidage for governor of Wisconsin and president of the United States. [Source: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Golda Meir Library-Archives]

1967 - Kristen Johnston Born

On this date TV actress Kristen Johnston, better known as Sally Solomon on 3rd Rock From the Sun, was born in Washington, D.C. Johnston was raised in Milwaukee, where she began acting in school and community theater productions. She spent several of her formative years as an exchange student in South America and Sweden. Johnston graduated from Whitefish Bay High in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. She made her professional stage debut with the Atlantic Theater Company, founded by David Mamet. In 1997 she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Johnston is the daughter of former Wisconsin state legislator Rod Johnston. [Source: Internet Movie Database]