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On This Day: October 15

1862 - (Civil War) Skirmish at Crab Orchard, Kentucky

The 3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery Battery engaged the enemy for the first time in a small skirmish at Crab Orchard, Kentucky.

1885 - Marinette-Menominee Lumbermen Strike

On this date 2,500 Marinette-Menominee lumbermen walked off the job to support a reduction in workday hours. Mill owners locked out the workers in an attempt to force acceptance of an eleven-hour workday. The lockout failed as many lumbermen simply moved away from the area rather than agree to work eleven hour days. The employers were forced to negotiate with unions and conceded to a ten-hour work day and cash payment for wages. To learn more about lumber and Wisconsin History, visit Turning Points.[Source: A Labor History Anthology, p.24]