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On This Day: November 28

1843 - John Martin Henni Appointed Bishop

On this date John Martin Henni was appointed bishop of Milwaukee. According to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee: "Henni was chosen as the first bishop of the newly created Diocese of Milwaukee in 1843 and was consecrated bishop on March 19, 1844, in Cincinnati. Henni worked tirelessly to build the new diocese and expand the Catholic following. He established many new parishes, parochial schools, Catholic hospitals, and Catholic orphanages. He also established Saint Francis Seminary out of his residence in 1845, and then established the Seminary in its current location on the south shore of Milwaukee in 1856. He worked to bring religious orders into the diocese, including the Daughters (Sisters) of Charity, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the School Sisters of St. Francis, the Franciscan Sisters of Penance and Charity, the Jesuits, and the Capuchins. He established the first German-language newspaper in Milwaukee, while supporting the English-language Catholic newspapers as well. Due to the rapid growth of the Milwaukee diocese, in 1868, Henni asked Pope Pius IX to create two new dioceses, Green Bay and LaCrosse, out of the Milwaukee diocese. Pope Pius IX created the Province of Milwaukee and raised the Milwaukee diocese to the rank of archdiocese in 1875. Henni was appointed Archbishop of Milwaukee on February 12, 1875."  He died on September 7, 1881 in Milwaukee after 37 years of service. [Source: Archdiocese of Milwaukee]

1862 - (Civil War) Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas

The 9th Wisconsin Infantry and 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry fought in the Battle of Cane Hill in Arkansas.

1901 - UW Football Undefeated

On this date the University of Wisconsin defeated the University of Chicago, 35-0, to finish its first undefeated football season in school history with a 9-0 record. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

1951 - First Inductees to Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame

On this date fourteen athletes were inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame during ceremonies at the Milwaukee Arena.  The inductees were baseball greats Ginger Beaumont, Addie Joss, Kid Nichols and Al Simmons; boxer Richie Mitchell; bowler Charlie Daw; college football coach Bob Zuppke; and football greats Clarke Hinkle, Don Hutson, Ernie Nevers, Pat O'Dea and Dave Schreiner; sprinter Ralph Metcalfe; and wrestler Strangler Lewis. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

1955 - Wilhelmine Diefenthaeler La Budde Dies

On this date Wilhelmine Diefenthaeler La Budde died in Milwaukee. La Budde dedicated her life to environmental preservation and management of Wisconsin's natural resources. [Source: Famous Wisconsin Women, Vol. 2, p. 22]