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On This Day: September 16

1864 - (Civil War) Engagements in Tennessee

The Wisconsin 13th Infantry participated in an operation against Confederate generals Forrest and Hood in Tennessee.

1936 - Activist Dismas P. Becker Born

On this date Dismas P. Becker, a community organizer and Wisconsin state legislator, was born in Milwaukee. Along with well-known activist Father James Groppi, Becker participated in welfare rights and open housing activities, and publicly defended Groppi's efforts to organize demonstrations in support of these issues. In October 1969, Becker was beaten by police while occupying the chambers of the State Assembly in Madison, to protest welfare funding cutbacks. Becker eventually left the priesthood and in an October 1977 special election, won a seat in the Wisconsin State Assembly. He represented the 32nd District until 1988. [Source: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee]