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On This Day: January 24

1816 - Coles Bashford Born

On this date Wisconsin governor Coles Bashford was born near Cold Spring, New York. After moving to Oshkosh in 1850, Bashford was elected as a Whig to the state senate in 1852 and 1854. Initially, Bashford was defeated in the 1855 election but was named governor after his opponent, William Barstow, was found guilty of election fraud. Coles Bashford served as governor from 1856 to 1858. From 1858 to 1863 he practiced law in Oshkosh. After 1863, he moved to the Arizona Territory where he served as attorney general. Coles Bashford died on March 25, 1878, in Tucson, Arizona and is buried in Oakland, California. [Source: First Ladies of Wisconsin-The Governors' Wives by Nancy G. Williams, p.254]

1864 - (Civil War) Reconnaissance of the Matagorda Peninsula continues

The 23rd Wisconsin Infantry continued its reconnaissance mission on the Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

1960 - Crisis of Morals in Green County

On this date representatives of civic and service organizations, schools and churches met in Monroe to discuss the "crisis of morals" in Green County, where the number of unwed mothers increased to 40 in 1959. [Source: Janesville Gazette]