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On This Day: March 25

1865 - (Civil War) Battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia

The 36th and 38th Wisconsin Infantry regiments participated in the Battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia, during the Siege of Petersburg. Confederate troops temporarily broke through the Union lines and captured the fort but soon lost it to superior numbers.

1938 - Wisconsin First Lady Sheila Coyle Earl Born

On this date Sheila Coyle Earl, wife of Wisconsin governor Anthony Earl (governor, 1983-1987), was born. Unlike previous Wisconsin first ladies, Sheila Earl continued her career while fulfilling the duties of first lady. In 1978 she began working for the Univ. of Wisconsin, at the Robert M. La Follette Institute of Public Affairs. [Source: The First Ladies of Wisconsin, The Governors' Wives by Nancy G. Williams, pp.240-244]