On this day: March 28

1862 - (Civil War) Cumberland Gap Campaign Begins in Virginia

The 1st Wisconsin Light Artillery took part in the Union campaign to seize Cumberland Gap. This strategic pass through the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia into Kentucky and Tennessee was a natural route for the South to invade the North and vice-versa. Confederate forces fortified it in 1861 and Union troops approached it in the spring of 1862. The Confederates abandoned it temporarily in June but took possession of it again in September 1862.

1933 - Wisconsin Inventor Honored

On this date a group of women paid thanks to the inventor of the typewriter, Milwaukee's C. Latham Sholes, in a national radio program. Amelia Earhart, Anna Boettinger (Franklin Roosevelt's daugher), Mrs. Robert E. Speer, the president of the National Young Women's Christian Association, all participated in the program. [Source: Badger Saints and Sinners by Fred Holmes, p. 316-328]

1954 - McCarthy Recall Campaign Begins in Sauk City

On this date, "Joe Must Go," a bipartisan grassroots campaign to recall Sen. Joe McCarthy from the Senate, began in earnest with an organizational meeting in Sauk City. The campaign had to collect 403,000 signatures in 60 days to force a recall election. With little money, a hastily thrown together organizational structure, and unenthusiastic or non-existent support from existing organizations (including farmers and organized labor), the group was still able to secure 335,000 signatures. Later in 1954 Sen. McCarthy was publicly censured by his Senate colleagues.  [Source: The History of Wisconsin, v.6: Continuity and change, 1940-1965 (Madison, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1973-1998).]
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