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On This Day: March 6

1826 - First Lady Frances Bashford

On this date Frances Adams Forman was born in Seneca, New York. The daughter of Daniel A. Forman and Elizabeth W. Bliss, Frances Forman married Coles Bashford on October 12, 1847, in New York. The Bashfords relocated to Oshkosh with their children in 1850, where Coles Bashford worked as a lawyer for a land and lumber company. He became the state's first Republican governor in 1856. Frances Bashford gave birth to seven children, six of whom lived to adulthood. At the close of Bashford's term, the family relocated back to Oshkosh and remained there until 1863. The family moved to Tuscon, Arizona Territory, in that year, where Bashford practiced law and served in government. After his death, Frances moved to California to live with her daughter. Frances Adams Forman Bashford died on December 1, 1911, in Oakland, California, where she is buried. [Source: First Ladies of Wisconsin - The Governors' Wives, by Nancy G. Williams, pg. 43]

1851 - Manitowoc Chartered as a Village

On this date Manitowoc was chartered as a village. It was incorporated as a city on March 12, 1870. [Source: City of Manitowoc]

1862 - The 4th Wisconsin Cavalry Heads South

On this date, the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry (then an infantry unit) embarked to join the "Army of the Gulf." It arrived below New Orleans on March 12, 1862, and landed in New Orleans on May 1. The 4th was at once assigned to active service and joined an expedition up the Mississippi River against Vicksburg in May. By June they occupied Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The troops there were employed in several successful expeditions during that winter, and remained in the area through most of the war. In June of 1862, its commander was punished for refusing to return escaping slaves to their masters (more information on this event is at Turning Points in Wisconsin History). In 1863 the unit was equipped as a Cavalry Regiment; it returned to Wisconsin in 1866. Read more about it in Charles Estabrook's guide to Wisconsin in the Civil War.

1865 - (Civil War) Skirmish at Olive Branch, Louisiana

The 4th Wisconsin Cavalry fought in a skirmish at Olive Branch, Louisiana.

1902 - Construction Begins on Janesville Library

On this date work commenced on the Janesville Public Library at 64 South Main Street. A $30,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie provided most of the money for the new building, which was one of sixty-four Carnegie libraries built in Wisconsin shortly after the turn of the century. The city bought the building site for $17,000, and F.S. Eldred donated $10,000 for the children's room. John P. Cullen & Bro. was awarded the construction contract for this project. [Source:]

1969 - Amy Pietz Born

On this date, TV actress Amy Pietz was born in Milwaukee. Pietz was raised in the suburb of Oak Creek and during her childhood trained as a ballet dancer. She was in the first graduating class of the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, and went on to received a B.F.A. degree in acting from DePaul University in 1991. Pietz's first professional role was in "A View From the Bridge", produced by Steppenwolf Theatre Company. She is best known for her role as Caroline's neighbor, Annie, in the TV sitcom "Caroline in the City," which she played for the entire 4 seasons that the series aired. Pietz made her feature film debut in "Jingle All the Way," with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. [Source:]