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On This Day: September 10

1838 - James Duane Doty Elected to Congress

On this date James Duane Doty was elected to congress for his first term, defeating George W. Jones. Doty's career was illustrious. He went on to be governor of the Wisconsin territory, a delegate to the first constitutional convention of 1846, and superintendent of Indian affairs for Utah Territory. [Source: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress]

1863 - (Civil War) Battles of Bayou Fourche and Little Rock, Arkansas

Union forces, including 27th and 28th Wisconsin Infantry regiments, won engagements at Bayou Fourche and Little Rock, Arkansas.

1878 - President Hayes Visits Madison

On this date President Rutherford B. Hayes visited Madison. Hayes was in Madison at the invitation of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society. He and his wife were accompanied by a parade and the president spoke to the crowd at present day Camp Randall. [Source: Wisconsin Mosaic]

1901 - Martin Luther Trowbridge Dies

On this date Milwaukee County pioneer, Martin Luther Trowbridge died. Trowbridge arrived in Milwaukee County in 1836, at the age of 18. He settled on a farm in the Greenfield area. Trowbridge was a member of the Pioneers and Old Settlers Clubs. His brother was the first Milwaukee county surveyor.

1983 - Jerzy Bojanowski Dies

On this date long-time Wisconsin resident and orchestra conducter Jerzy Bojanowski died in Milwaukee. Bojanowski was born in Kamienskoie, Poland in 1893. He studied music at the Musical College in Warsaw (1907-12), the Music Academy of Vienna (1913-14), Vienna University (1913-14), and Kharkoff University (1915-16). At the request of the Polish government, Bojanowski came to Chicago in 1932. Bojanowski and his wife eventually settled permanently in Milwaukee. In the 1930s, Bojanowski conducted the Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, which was part of the WPA's Federal Music Project. In 1940 Bojanowski began directing the Music Under the Stars Symphony Orchestra and in 1953 Bojanowski formed the Milwaukee Chamber Symphony Orchestra. [Source: Mills Music Library]