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On This Day: July 14

1836 - Milwaukee's First Newspaper Published

On this date Milwaukee's first newspaper, The Milwaukee Advertiser, was published. The weekly paper was printed in an office on the west side of the river. The first publisher was Daniel H. Richards and the first editor was Hans Crocker, later the mayor of Milwaukee. [Source: History of Milwaukee, Vol. II, p. 49]

1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Tupelo, Mississippi

The Battle of Tupelo was fought in Mississippi. The 8th, 14th and 33rd Wisconsin Infantry regiments participated. On this date in the following year, 17th and 20th Wisconsin Infantry regiments mustered out.

1948 - Janesville Sprays for Bugs

On this date, intending to create a bug-free environment, Janesville tested a DDT fogging machine that quickly emitted a "smokescreen of insect-killing fog." City officials hoped to persuade the county to buy the machine for use by all municipalities or to buy it jointly with Beloit. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

1999 - Crane Collapses at Miller Park Site

On this date three workmen were killed when a Lampson "Big Blue" crane collapsed while attempting to position a 400-ton right field roof panel. The workmen were observing and directing a pick from a hoist bucket. Resulting damage to the stadium was estimated at $100 million. The widows of construction workers killed in the crane accident were awarded $99 million in damages. [Source: Milwaukee Brewers]