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On This Day: January 11

1863 - (Civil War) Battle of Arkansas Post, Arkansas

The 23rd Wisconsin Infantry and the 1st Wisconsin Light Artillery advanced against Fort Hindman during the Battle of Arkansas Post.

1887 - Aldo Leopold Born

On this date Aldo Leopold, a major player in the modern environmental movement,  was born. A conservationist, professor, and author, Leopold graduated from Yale University and worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the Southwest. He rose to the rank of chief of operations. In 1924 he became associate director of the Forest Products Laboratory at Madison. In 1933 he was appointed chair of game management at the University of Wisconsin. In 1943, Leopold was instrumental in establishing the first U.S. soil conservation demonstration area, in Coon Valley in 1934. As a member of the state Conservation Commission, he was influential in the acquisition of natural areas by the state. His reflections on nature and conservation appear in A Sand County Almanac (1949). [Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin Biography, p.227]

1968 - Rock County Farmers Protest Grain Prices

On this date Rock County members of the National Farmers Organization joined a national movement to withhold grain from processors, attempting to drive up the price. The farmers hoped to receive $1.50 per bushel of corn compared to the existing price of 80 cents and $3 per bushel of soybeans compared to the existing price of $2.35.  [Source: Janesville Gazette]