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On This Day: January 12

1864 - (Civil War) Engagement at Matamoras, Mexico

The 20th Wisconsin Infantry took part in a battle in Matamoras, Mexico. They crossed from Brownsville, Texas, to rescue the American consul in Matamoras when he was caught in a local uprising between two opposing Mexican forces.

1912 - Italian Workingmen's Club Founded

On this date the Italian Workingmen's Club was founded in Madison. Originally known as the Lavoratori Siciliani Mutuo Soccorso e Beneficenza, the club assisted members' families. It is the oldest active Italian club operating in the U.S. The original clubhouse at 914 Regent Street now houses the Greenbush Bar in its basement, and the Club still meets (2009) upstairs. [Source: Bishops to Bootleggers: A Biographical Guide to Resurrection Cemetery, p.12]