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On This Day: January 22

1865 - (Civil War) Skirmish at Saline River, Arkansas

The 28th Wisconsin Infantry led an expedition to Mount Elba, Arkansas, and fought in a skirmish at Saline River, Arkansas.

1964 - World's Largest Block of Cheese Produced

On this date The world's largest cheese of the time was manufactured in Wisconsin. The block of cheddar was produced from 170,000 quarts of milk by the Wisconsin Cheese Foundation specifically for the 1964 New York World's Fair. It weighed 34,591 pounds (17.4 tons). The cheese was consumed in 1965 at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association at Eau Claire. A replica is displayed in Neilsville in the specially designed "Cheesemobile", a semi-tractor trailer in which the original cheese toured. [Source: American Profile, December 16, 2001]

1968 - Basketball Franchise Awarded to Milwaukee

On this date the NBA awarded a franchise to Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services, Inc. (Milwaukee Pro), a group headed by Wesley D. Pavalon and Marvin L. Fishman. [Source: Milwaukee Bucks]