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On This Day: October 16

1850 - Oldest Existing County Fair

On this date the Walworth County Fair was held for the first time in the village of East Troy. This is the oldest existing county fair on record in Wisconsin. [Source: Walworth County Fair]

1861 - (Civil War) Skirmish at Bolivar Heights, West Virginia

The 3rd Wisconsin Infantry was involved in a skirmish at Bolivar Heights, West Virginia.

1884 - Washburn's First Newspaper Published

On this date the first edition of the Washburn Itemizer was sold in Washburn, Wisconsin. 500 copies sold out immediately. The paper was founded by Elijah and James Barager. The Washburn Itemizer soon had competition from a second paper, the Washburn Bee. [Source: B" Book I, Beer Bottles, Brawls, Boards, Brothels, Bibles, Battles & Brownstone, by Tony Woiak, p.23]

1947 - David Zucker Born

On this date David Zucker was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A writer, director and producer, Zucker, a student at the University of Wisconsin, his brother Jerry and friend Jim Abrahams started the Kentucky Fried Theater in Madison. The trio moved to L.A. and in 1977 Kentucky Fried Movie was released. Zucker went on to work on such classic comedies as Airplane, Naked Gun, and Ruthless People. [Source: Internet Movie Database]

1968 - Milwaukee Bucks Play First Game

On this date the Milwaukee Bucks opened their first season with an 89-84 loss to the Chicago Bulls. The loss was witnessed by 8,467 fans in the Milwaukee Arena. The starting lineup featured Wayne Embry at center, Fred Hetzel and Len Chappell at forward, and Jon McGlocklin and Guy Rodgers in the backcourt. Larry Costello was the head coach. The Bucks had its first win in their sixth game of the season with a 134-118 victory over the Detroit Pistons. [Source: Milwaukee Bucks]