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On This Day: October 21

1862 - (Civil War) 30th Wisconsin Infantry Musters In

The 30th Wisconsin Infantry mustered in. It was assigned to enforce the draft at Green Bay and other points in Wisconsin until March 1863. It then spent the rest of the war primarily on provost duty in Kentucky, or directing prisoners to various points. Although it would see little combat, it would lose 69 men during service. Two enlisted men were killed. Two officers and 65 enlisted men died from disease

1897 - Yerkes Observatory Dedicated

On this date the Yerkes Observatory was dedicated. Founded by astronomer George Hale and located in Williams Bay, the Yerkes Observatory houses the world's largest refracting optical telescope, with a lens of diameter 102 cm/40 inches. It was built through the largess of the tycoon Charles Tyson Yerkes, who rebuilt important parts of the Chicago transportation system after the fire. Situated in a 77-acre park on the shore of Lake Geneva, this observatory was the center for world astronomy in the early 20th century and invited a number of astronomers from around the world, including Japan, for scientific exchange. [Source: Yerkes Observatory Virtual Museum]

1920 - Janesville's Irish Community Organize

On this date a meeting was held in Janesville's Myers Theatre, in support of the Irish quest for freedom from the British. Members of Janesville's Irish community raised funds for Irish relief. The Easter Rising rebellion in Dublin four years earlier brought the British/Irish conflict into the forefront for Janesville's Irish community. [Source: Janesville Gazette October 21, 1920, p.1]