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On This Day: October 6

1908 - Milwaukee Equine Wins

On this date the Harvester, owned by August Uihlein of Milwaukee, won the Kentucky Futurity, a trotting event that is part of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters. The race has been held annually in Lexington, Kentucky since 1893. [Source: Milwauke Journal Sentinel]

1917 - Robert La Follette Supports Free Speech in Wartime

On this date Senator Robert La Follette gave what may have been the most famous speech of his Senate career when he responded to charges of treason with a three hour defense of free speech in wartime. La Follette had voted against a declaration of war as well as several iniatives seen as essential to the war effort by those that supported U.S. involvement in the first World War. His resistance was met with a petition to the Committee on Privileges and Elections that called for La Follette's expulsion from the Senate. The charges were investigated, but La Follette was cleared of any wrong doing by the committee on January 16, 1919. [Source: United States Senate]

1969 - Bucks Players Arrested

On this date Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Lucius Allen were arrested for suspicion of marijuana possession in Denver, Colorado. They were released on bond and never charged due to lack of evidence. [Source: Vanderbilt Television News Archive]