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On This Day: October 7

1774 - Wisconsin Becomes Part of Quebec

On this date Britain passed the Quebec Act, making Wisconsin part of the province of Quebec. Enacted by George III, the act restored the French form of civil law to the region. The Thirteen Colonies considered the Quebec Act as one of the "Intolerable Acts," as it nullified Western claims of the coast colonies by extending the boundaries of the province of Quebec to the Ohio River on the south and to the Mississippi River on the west. [Source: Avalon Project at the Yale Law School]

1848 - University of Wisconsin Board of Regents Meets

On this date the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin met officially for the first time in the library room of the state Capitol. At the meeting, the board, led by Eleazer Root, approved the creation of a prepartory department as well as its admission requirements and curriculum. The board also elected John H. Lathrop to the office of chancellor and selected John W. Sterling as the first professor. [Source: The University of Wisconsin : a history Volume 1 by Merle Eugene Curti, p.56-57]

1864 - (Civil War) First engagement at Darbytown Road, Virginia

The 4th Wisconsin Light Artillery participated in an engagement at Darbytown Road in Virginia.