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On This Day: November 20

1859 - First Baseball Game in Milwaukee

An impromptu game of base ball , as it was spelled in the early years, was played by two teams of seven at the Milwaukee Fair Ground. The game was organized by Rufus King, publisher of the Milwaukee Sentinel, and is believed to have been the first baseball game played in Milwaukee. In spite of cold weather, two more games were played in December, and by April 1860 the Milwaukee Base Ball Club was organized. View early baseball photographs at Wisconsin Historical Images, and read about baseball's first decades in Wisconsin at Turning Points in Wisconsin.

1861 - (Civil War) 4th Wisconsin Infantry Reconnoiters Virginia's Eastern Shore

The 4th Wisconsin Infantry was among Union forces assigned to an expedition in Accomac County, Virginia. The regiment's historian wrote, "The Fourth and a battery [of light artillery] and small cavalry force, embarked on an expedition to the eastern shore of Virginia, where they remained, encountering some severe marching through the mud and flooded roads, under the command of General Lockwood, until the 9th of December."

1880 - Governor Fred Zimmerman Born

On this date Governor Fred Zimmerman was born in Milwaukee. Zimmerman served as Secretary of State both before and after becoming the 25th governor of Wisconsin.  Zimmerman was elected governor in 1926 and defeated in 1928. [Source: Wisconsin Blue Book]