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On This Day: November 3

1804 - Treaty at St. Louis

On this date Fox and Sauk negotiators in St. Louis traded 50 million acres of land in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois for an annuity of $1,000. The treaty allowed the tribes to remain on the land until it was sold to white settlers. However, Chief Black Hawk and others believed that the 1804 negotiators had no authority to speak for their nation, so the treaty was invalid. U.S. authorities, on the other hand, considered it binding and used it justify the Black Hawk War that occured in the spring and summer of 1832. [Source: Along the Black Hawk Trail by William F. Stark, p. 32-33]

1863 - (Civil War) Battle of Bayou Bourbeux, Louisiana

The 23rd and 29th Wisconsin Infantry regiments participated in the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux, also known as the Battle of Grand Coteau, in southwestern Louisiana.

1936 - Roosevelt Wins in Rock County

On this date Rock County voted Democratic in a presidential election for the first time in 74 years. The county's 17,987 votes for FDR eclipsed 14,689 for Republican Alf Landon. Janesville and Beloit both voted for Roosevelt, who won in the largest national election landslide in history. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

1998 - Tommy Thompson Wins Fourth Term

On this date Governor Tommy Thompson defeated Dane County Democrat, Ed Garvey, to win an historic fourth term as governor. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]