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On This Day: November 9

1814 - John Hubbard Tweedy Born

On this date John Hubbard Tweedy was born in Danbury, Connecticut. Tweedy graduated from Yale Law School in 1836. He then moved to Milwaukee to begin the practice of law. He served as commissioner and receiver of canal lands from 1839 to 1841 and as a member of the Territorial Council in 1842. In 1847 he was elected as a Whig to the Thirtieth Congress, where he served until May 29, 1848. Tweedy ran unsuccessfully as the Whig candidate for Governor in 1848 and became a member of the State Assembly in 1853. Tweedy died in Milwaukee on November 12, 1891 and is buried in Wooster Cemetery, Danbury, Connecticut. [source: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress]

1863 - (Civil War) Conscription reinstated

Another draft was instituted in the State of Wisconsin. Unlike the 1862 conscription, it did not have a set quota. 14,933 men received draft notices, but the vast majority were exempted on medical or other grounds, paid a legal fee to be exempted, or simply failed to show up. Another 262 paid someone else to go in their place. Just 628 who were drafted actually served. [Schoonover, Lynn. History of the Civil War Draft in Wisconsin, page 56]

1895 - Pabst Theater in Milwaukee Completed

On this date the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee was completed. It was designed by Otto Strack and built by brewing magnate Capt. Frederick Pabst. One of the first all-electric theaters, it also featured air conditioning. The Pabst Theater was home to one of the finest German theater companies in the U.S. [Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride]

1903 - African-American Lodge Organized

On this date an Odd Fellows Lodge for African-Americans was organized in Beloit. [Source: Janesville Gazette November 10, 1903, p.5]

1968 - Earthquake Shakes Wisconsin

On this date one of the strongest earthquakes in the central United States occurred in south-central Illinois. Measured at a magnitude of 5.3, press reports from LaCrosse, Milwaukee, Port Washington, Portage, Prairie Du Chien, and Sheboygan indicated that the shock was felt in these cities. [Source: United States Geological Survey]

1996 - Miller Park Groundbreaking

On this date a ceremonial groundbreaking for Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park was held. [Source:]