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On This Day: December 30

1862 - (Civil War) Engagement at Parker's Cross Roads, Tennessee

The 7th Wisconsin Light Artillery participated in an engagement at Parker's Cross Roads, Tennessee.

1866 - Louis Allis Born

On this date Louis Allis, prominent Wisconsinite and president of the Louis Allis Company, was born in Milwaukee. He attended Markham Academy in Milwaukee and received a B.S. in civil engineering from Pennsylvania Military College in 1888. Allis returned to Milwaukee and began his business career as a clerk at E. P. Allis Co. In 1901 he left the company and invested in the recently formed Mechanical Appliance Co., a Milwaukee manufacturer of small direct-current motors. In 1903 Allis became president of the firm, which he renamed the Louis Allis Company in 1922. Allis continued as president until his retirement in 1945. [Source: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Division of Archives]

1922 - Authorities Confiscate Illegal Alcohol

On this date authorities in Madison confiscated 1,200 gallons of "mash" and fifteen gallons of moonshine from the home of a suspected bootlegger. As the illegal liquor trade flourished in Madison's Greenbush neighborhood during Prohibition, two rival gangs, one on Regent Street and the other located on Milton Street, fought to gain control until the "Rum War" erupted among these factions in 1923. [Source: Bishops to Bootleggers: A Biographical Guide to Resurrection Cemetery, p.189]