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On This Day: February 10

1763 - Treaty of Paris Cedes Wisconsin to England

On this date the Treaty of Paris ceded formerly French-controlled land, including the Wisconsin region, to England. [Source: Avalon Project at Yale University]

1853 - Appleton Crescent First Newspaper in Outagamie County

On this evening a crowd gathered outside a small frame home, now the site of Appleton's Soldier's Square, which housed a print shop. The crowd cheered as the first edition of the Appleton Crescent rolled off the press. Named for the bend in the Fox River, it was Outagamie County's first newspaper. [Source: Outagamie County WIGenWeb]

1862 - (Civil War) 10th Wisconsin Light Artillery Mustered In

The 10th Wisconsin Light Artillery mustered in at Camp Utley in Racine. They would go on to fight in the battles of Stones River, Resaca, Jonesboro, and Bentonville, as well as the sieges of Corinth and Nashville and Sherman's March to the Sea.

1881 - Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Created

On Feb. 10-11, 1881, the state Board of Charities and Reform met to establish a private-sector counterpart, the Wisconsin Conference on Charities and Corrections. This was the first statewide child advocacy agency established in the country and is still working today, as the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. This private, non-profit, non-partisan statewide organization focuses its work on improving conditions for families and children through policy change, expanded public investments and public education that lead to improvements in the delivery of publicly funded health care, education, workforce development and social services. [Source: Coberly, Lenore. 100 Years of Caring (Madison, 1982); WCCF Web site]

1944 - Glenwood City Nurse Dies in WWII

On this date Ellen Ainsworth, a 24-year-old nurse from Glenwood City, was killed during the Battle of Anzio in Italy. Ainsworth was on duty near the Anzio beachhead. During an attack, a shell hit the hospital. Without regard for her own safety, she couragously assisted her patients out of danger. Ainsworth died 6 days later from wounds received during the attack. She was the only woman to die from enemy fire during WWII. Ainsworth was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. A dispensary at Fort Hamilton, New York, and a conference room in the Pentagon are named for Ellen Ainsworth. [Source:]

1950 - McCarthy Continues Allegations

On this date, in a speech delivered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed to possess the names of 57 U.S. government employees, actively engaged in Communist activities. [Source: Google Newspaper Archives]