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On This Day: April 19

1852 - Wisconsin School for the Deaf Established

On this date a bill was passed by the State Legislature for the establishment and maintenance of a school for deaf children in Walworth County.  [Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride]

1862 - Governor Harvey Drowns in the Tennessee River

On this date Governor Louis Harvey died while leading an expedition to relieve Wisconsin troops after the battle of Shiloh. The expedition was bringing doctors, nurses, and much-needed medical supplies to soldiers when Harvey, crossing from one steamboat to another, slipped, fell into the swift currents of the Tennessee River, and never re-surfaced. His body was recovered ten days later, nearly sixty miles downstream. When news reached Madison, Lieutenant Governor Edward Salomon was sworn in as Wisconsin's first German-American governor. [Source: Wisconsin in the Civil War, by Frank L. Klement]

1864 - (Civil War) Skirmishes in Tennessee

The 1st Wisconsin Cavalry participated in skirmishes at Waterhouse Mill and Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

1877 - Ole Evinrude Born

On this date Ole Evinrude was born in Oslo, Norway, though he grew up near Cambridge, Wis. After living in Madison, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, he worked as a consulting engineer with E. P. Allis Co. in Milwaukee. In 1910 he invented the first outboard motor, and later organized the Evinrude Motor Co. of which he remained president until his death in 1934. [Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin Biography]