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On This Day: April 20

1836 - Oldest Library in the State Founded

On this date an Act of Congress created the Territory of Wisconsin and in the sixteenth and final section of that Act appropriated funds for the Wisconsin State Library to support the needs of the fledgling government. The library is still functioning but has been renamed as the Wisconsin State Law Library [Source: Wisconsin State Law Library]

1863 - (Civil War) Wilson's Raid continues

Wilson's Raid through Alabama and Georgia continued. During this action Union General James H. Wilson led his Cavalry Corps as it destroyed Southern factories and supply lines. It was unsuccessfully opposed by a much smaller force under Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Wilson's troops captured five fortified cities, 288 cannons, and 6,820 prisoners, at a cost of 725 Union casualties. The 1st Wisconsin Cavalry participated in this operation.

1926 - Boxer Dies in Milwaukee

On this date Clever Sencio, a 5-foot, 115-pound Filipino bantamweight, died in his Milwaukee hotel room from a cerebral hemorrhage, less than 12 hours after being battered by Bud Taylor in a 10-round fight at the Auditorium. [Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online]

1933 - Parker Pen President Resigns

On this date George S. Parker resigned as president of Parker Pen company to become chairman of the board. His son, Kenneth, became president of the company, located in Janesville. George S. Parker, who invented the modern fountain pen and successfully marketed it to the world, remained in charge of the corporation until his death in 1937. [Source: Janesville Gazette]