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On This Day: April 25

1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Marks' Mill, Arkansas

The Battle of Marks' Mill was fought in Cleveland County, Arkansas. As at Poison Spring a week earlier, Confederate forces surprised and captured a Union foraging party. The Union troops had to abandon the ill-fated Camden Expedition and retreat toward Little Rock. The 28th Wisconsin Infantry fought in this battle.

1979 - UW Faculty Develop International Conference

On this date the first World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education began in Mexico City. This program was developed by UW Professor John Klus and Judy Jones of Extension's Department of Engineering and Applied Science. [Source: UW School of Engineering]

1996 - W-2 (Wisconsin Works) Signed Into Law

On this date Governor Tommy Thompson signed the W-2 (Wisconsin Works) program into law, making Wisconsin the first U.S. state to replace a benefits-based welfare system with a requirement that recipients work to get aid. W-2 formed the basis for national welfare reform.[Source: W-2, Wisconsin Works.]