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On This Day: May 10

1865 - (Civil War) Confederacy President Jefferson Davis Captured

The 1st Wisconsin Cavalry was one of the first units sent to search for Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee. A Michigan unit, also sent to find Davis, accidentally attacked the cavalry before dawn. A few hours later, both units captured the Confederate president in Irwinville, Georgia.

1879 - Milwaukee (Telephone) Exchange Opens

On this date the Milwaukee Exchange opened, providing the city's first telephone subscriptions. There were 15 customers on the first day. Angus Hibbard was there, and did as much as anyone in the early 1880s to make telephones a success. One of the early telephone operators was Pauline Juneau, a grand-daughter of the fur trader who founded Milwaukee. [Source: History of Milwaukee from its first settlement to the year 1895, ed. by Howard Louis Conard Vol. II: 16]