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On This Day: May 11

1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia

May 11, 1864, was the fourth day of almost continuous combat in the Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Many men were so exhausted by May 11th that they collapsed and slept in the mud while enemy fire passed a few inches over their heads. The battle lasted from May 8-21, and pitted 100,000 Union troops against 52,000 Confederates. When the two weeks were over, about 11,000 Union soldiers had been killed or wounded without any clear victory for either side. The 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th Wisconsin Infantry regiments fought at Spotsylvania during the entire Spotsylvania Campaign (May 8-21,1864). The 36th Infantry fought at Spotsylvania May 18-21,1864.

1924 - Dr. C. I. Shoop Dies, 'Patent Medicine King'

On this date, Racine's "Patent Medicine King" Dr. C.I. Shoop died in Hollywood, California at the age of 73. The restored Shoop building still stands at 215 State Street in Racine. [Source: Racine]

1931 - Janesville Police Nab Prohibition Violator

On this date Clifford Conn of Crandon was apprehended by Janesville police officers with 90 gallons of moonshine in his car. This was the largest single seizure of illegal alcohol by local law enforcement to this date. For the offense, Crandon was fined $700 and sentenced to two months in jail. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

1955 - Milwaukee Hawks Relocate to St. Louis

On this date the NBA approved transferring the financially strapped Milwaukee Hawks to St. Louis. The Hawks stayed in St. Louis until 1968, then moved to Atlanta. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online]