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On This Day: May 13

1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Resaca, Georgia, Opens

The Battle of Resaca was part of the Union's Atlanta Campaign. From May 13-16, 1864, more than 150,000 soldiers clashed outside Georgia's capital city, including 10 Wisconsin regiments. On May 13, the Union troops reconnoitered the Confederate lines to prepare for the next day's combat.

1918 - Lusk Murder Trial Begins in Waukesha

On this day Grace Lusk, a Waukesha high school teacher, began her trial for the murder of Mary Roberts. Prosecutors alleged a tragic love triangle had resulted in the murder after Lusk's pleas for Roberts to give up her husband were rebuffed. The trial, a national sensation in the early days of mass media, resulted in a guilty verdict on May 29, 1918. Lusk was sentenced to 19 years in prison but served only five before being pardoned by the Governor. After her release she jealously guarded her privacy; the identity of her husband, known only as "Mr. Brown," was never determined. [Source: Capital Times 5/13/1918, p.1]