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On This Day: May 30

1860 - First Street Railway Cars Run in Milwaukee

On this date two cars were drawn over the line known as the "River & Lake Shore Street Railway" for the first time. The cars were drawn by four horses. The track for the cars was laid in early May from East Water Street, north to Division Street. Prominent among builders of this street railway were George H. Walker, Lemuel W. Weeks, Col. W.S. Johnson, and F.S. Blodgett. A company was organized to sell $50,000 in stock subscriptions to pay for the service. [Source: History of Milwaukee, Vol. II, pg. 12]

1864 - (Civil War) Third day of battle at Bethesda Church, Virginia

The Battle of Bethesda Church (also called Totopotomoy Creek), Virginia, was part of the Wilderness Campaign. On the final day of the battle, the Wisconsin 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 36th Infantry regiments were there but not involved in the worst of the fighting. In the end, the Union lost more than 700 men without moving significantly closer to Richmond.

1935 - Janesville Man Dies in Indy 500

On this date Clay Weatherly was killed when his racecar careened over a wall during the Indianapolis 500. Weatherly moved to Janesville from Rhinelander and played fullback for Janesville High football team in 1927. Edwin Bradburn of Los Angeles, Weatherly's mechanic who also rode in the auto, suffered a broken back in the accident. Active in local auto racing for three years, this was his first and only appearance at the Indy 500. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]