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On This Day: June 19

1814 - Prairie du Chien Fort Dedicated

On this date Fort Shelby was dedicated in Prairie du Chien. During the War of 1812, Missouri governor William Clark recognized the location's strategic importance and sent approximately 150 soldiers to build the fort. The fort did not remain in American hands for long; British troops with the assistance of 400 Indians took the fort on July 20th and renamed it Fort McKay. After the end of the war, the British burned the fort, but the Americans constructed another building at the site in 1816 and named it Fort Crawford.[Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride]

1864 - (Civil War) Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, begins

After a failed direct assault the previous four days, Union leaders decided to lay siege to Petersburg, Virginia. The Union forces that participated in the siege over the next 10 months included the 4th Wisconsin Light Artillery and 5th, 6th, 7th, 19th, 36th, 37th and 38th Wisconsin Infantry regiments.

1934 - Gena Rowlands Born

On this date stage, screen, and television actress Gena Rowlands was born in Cambria. Rowland's family later relocated to Virginia, where she won a scholarship to the Jarvis Repertory Theatre in Washington, D.C. While still a teenager, she enrolled in New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Rowlands made her Hollywood feature film debut opposite Jose Ferrer in The High Cost of Loving. Her most career-defining roles were in husband John Cassavetes' films. [Source: Internet Movie Database]

1986 - Milwaukee's Airport Goes International

On this date General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee was renamed "General Mitchell International Airport" to reflect the presence of Customs on site as well as the airport's recent expansions. [Source: General Mitchell International Airport]