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On This Day: June 7

1864 - (Civil War) Seventh day at Cold Harbor, Virginia

From May 31-June 12, 1864, more than 160,000 men clashed at Cold Harbor, Virginia, during the Wilderness Campaign. The 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 36th Wisconsin Infantry regiments took part. On June 7, the Iron Brigade regiments were moved to a position on the Union line where they were less exposed to enemy fire. "Our spirits rise wonderfully," reported Col. Rufus Dawes. "It is impossible for one who has not undergone it, to fully understand the depression of spirits caused by such long, continued, and bloody fighting and work... We are having the first quiet day for more than a month."

1924 - Monument to Wisconsin Inventor Unveiled

On this date the bronze tablet memorializing C. Latham Sholes was unveiled. Sholes, who lived in Milwaukee, invented the typewriter in 1867. The plaque gives thanks to the "one who materially aided in the world's progress," and can be seen at the Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, where Sholes rests. [Source: Badger Saints and Sinners by Fred L. Homes]

1926 - Milwaukee's First Airmail Service

On this date Milwaukee's first airmail service was flown from the Milwaukee County Airport by the Charles Dickinson Line, which operated from Chicago to St. Paul via Milwaukee and LaCrosse. [Source: History Just Ahead: A guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride, p. 39]