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On This Day: August 16

1864 - (Civil War) Attack near Tazewell, Virginia

The 1st Wisconsin Light Artillery was among Union forces attacked near Tazewell, Virginia, during the Cumberland Campaign. It successfully repulsed two assaults attempting to seize Union artillery pieces.

1900 - First Automobile Race in Racine

On this date the city of Racine hosted its first automobile race. The competitors were A. J. Horlick in a Locomobile and Robert W. Hindley in a Winton. The race started at 11 a.m. in front of the Grand Union Tea Co. store on Main St. The course was over the 14 unpaved miles to Western Union Junction (Sturtevant) and back. About a mile outside town Mr. Hindley overtook a stalled Mr. Horlick who up to that point had been ahead. Horlick was able to continue the race, but it was Hindley who was declared the winner. [Source: Racine History Timeline]