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On This Day: August 5

1825 - Council Held at Fort Crawford

On this date a great council of Native Americans and white settlers began at Prairie du Chien. For days prior to the event, canoe-loads of attendees converged from all directions and included members of the Sioux, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Chippewa, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Iowa, Sauk, and Fox tribes. The purpose of this gathering was to promote peace among the tribes and to establish boundaries for their territorial claims. [Source: The History of Wisconsin, Vol.I: From Exploration to Statehood, by Alice Smith, p. 122]

1850 - Order of the Druids Organized in Milwaukee

On this date the Order of the Druids was organized in Milwaukee. One of the oldest fraternal organizations in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Grove No. 1 was organized by charter members A.F. Hausemann, H.M. Brietz, Joseph Lachner, and G.F. Becker. The order offered benefits and insurance for its members. [Source: History of Milwaukee, Vol.II, by William George Bruce, p.285]

1862 - (Civil War) Battle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The 4th Wisconsin Infantry participated in the Battle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Meanwhile, over 1,000 miles away, the 2nd, 6th,and 7th Wisconsin Infantry regiments participated in an expedition from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

1908 - Italian Rail Yard Workers Strike

On this date Italian rail yard workers went on strike at the local Chicago & North Western operation in Janesville. Workers refused to continue handling railroad ties treated with creosote, a chemical mix that can cause respiratory irritation as well as skin damage, in hot weather. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

1910 - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Performs

On this date Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show performed to an enthusiastic crowd at the Rock County fairgrounds. [Source: Janesville Gazette]