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On This Day: September 7

1835 - First Land Sold in Ozaukee County

On this date the first plot of land was sold in Ozaukee County to Daniel Wells, Jr. in Mequon. Wells purchased 100.9 acres on Lake Michigan. Public lands available for sale in 1835 were located in the four towns in the north half of Ozaukee County and lands east of Range Line Road in Mequon and Grafton. [Source: Ozaukee County History]

1862 - (Civil War) Skirmish at Riggin’s Hill, Tennessee

On this day in 1862, the 13th Wisconsin Infantry fought in a skirmish at Riggin’s Hill, Tennessee.

1908 - Man Mound Park Dedicated

On this date the Man Mound Park in Sauk County was dedicated. The Mound depicts a gigantic human figure, 204 feet in length, in the act of walking. Efforts by William H. Canfield and Dr. Increase Lapham led to the preservation and appreciation of many Native American lands, especially Effigy Mounds such as Man Mound.

1977 - Wisconsin's First Judicial Recall Election

On this date Wisconsin's first judicial-recall election was held. Dane County citizens voted Judge Archie Simonson out of office. Simonson called rape a normal male reaction to provocative female attire and modern society's permissive attitude toward sex. He made this statment while explaining why he sentenced a 15-year-old to only one year of probation for raping a 16-year-old girl. After the recall election, Simonson was replaced by Moria Krueger, the first woman judge elected in Dane County history. [Source: Initiative & Referendum Institute]