Milwaukee trade unions organize to lobby for workers' rights

The Federated Trades Council of Milwaukee, Wis

The Federated Trades Council of Milwaukee was a coalition of trade unions affiliated with the American Federation of Labor. The Council aimed to present a unified front to lobby the government on behalf of workers for such things as factory inspections, free education, and the shortening of work hours, particularly for women and children. In 1892, the Federated Trades Council published this directory, describing the aims of trade unionism and their member organizations.

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The Birth of the Labor Movement
Creator: Federated Trades Council (Milwaukee, Wis.)
Pub Data: Milwaukee : Trade and Labor Association, 1892. (HD6504 .F4)
Citation: Federated Trades Council (Milwaukee, Wis.). The Federated Trades Council directory of Milwaukee, Wis. (Milwaukee : Trade and Labor Association, 1892); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 2/7/2023