The lead region, as settlers swarmed onto Indian lands in the 1820s.

Lead mines on the upper Mississippi River. Map of lead mines drawn and published by R.W. Chandler of Galena

This is the best-known map of southwestern Wisconsin during the lead mining boom of the 1820s. The long text surrounding the map contains many statistics about mining activities in the region, including production 1825-1829, and the map proper depicts the location of all the major mines and settlements. Portage and Fort Winnebago are at the extreme upper right; the future site of Madison is on the four lakes on the right; Prairie du Chien and Fort Crawford are at the upper left; and Rock Island, Illinois, and Fort Armstrong are at the lower left. Use the "Zoom & Pan" button to focus more closely on the text or the map's details.

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Mining, Logging, and Agriculture
Lead Mining in Southwestern Wisconsin
Creator: Chandler, R.W.
Pub Data: Cincinnati: E.B. Martin, engraver, 1829
Citation: Chandler, R. W. Lead Mines on the Upper Mississippi River (map). (Cincinnati: E.B. Martin, engraver, 1829). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 9/29/2022