The U.S. Army seeks volunteers in Milwaukee, 1917

President's Proclamation: You can help beat the draft

The United States entered World War I in June of 1917. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the week of June 23rd "recruiting week" and called on all able-bodied men to volunteer for service. This broadside, issued by the Army Recruiting Office in Milwaukee, sought to convince Milwaukee residents to volunteer by comparing the benefits of volunteerism over a formal draft.

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World War I, at home and in the trenches
Creator: U.S. Army Recruiting Office
Pub Data: Milwaukee: U.S. Army Recruiting Office, 1917. (Pamphlet 96-1267 superoversize)
Citation: "President's Proclamation: You can help beat the draft." (Milwaukee: U.S. Army Recruiting Office, 1917). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 5/8/2021