Peshtigo's priest recalls surviving the fire

The Great Peshtigo Fire: An Eyewitness Account

In this account written shortly after the fire, Fr. Pernin tells not just what happened to him on that fateful day, but also recounts conversations with his parishioners and other eyewitnesses. This version of his memoir includes photographs, contemporary drawings, and maps. Some of its graphic descriptions may be too gruesome for young readers.

Related Topics: Mining, Logging, and Agriculture
Logging and Forest Products
Creator: Pernin, Peter.
Pub Data: Wisconsin Magazine of History, 54 (Summer, 1971): 246-272.
Citation: Pernin, Peter. "The great Peshtigo fire: an eyewitness account." Wisconsin Magazine of History, 54 (Summer, 1971): 246-272. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 12/5/2016
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