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Black Hawk, remembered by those who knew him

Reminiscences of Black Hawk, by people who knew him

This series of letters in the Burlington, Iowa, newspaper in 1907 contains several recollections of early Iowa settlers who knew Black Hawk at the time of the war and after. It contains two portraits; Black Hawk's dedication of his autobiography, in Sauk and English; eyewitness descriptions of his appearance, manners and living arrangements not easily available anywhere else; and an account of his death, burial, and the desecration of his remains. As with all recollections composed decades after the events they describe, it should be used with caution and checked against other contemporary sources.

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Related Topics: Immigration and Settlement
The Black Hawk War
Creator: multiple authors
Pub Data: Burlington (Iowa) Hawk-Eye, March 24, 1907
Citation: "Reminiscences of Black Hawk, by people who knew him." Burlington (Iowa) Hawk-Eye, March 24, 1907. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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