A German American professor is tarred and feathered, 1918

Professor of Northland Tarred and Feathered

Anti-German sentiment ran high during World War I in Wisconsin. Despite the state's large German American population, American entry into the war with Germany unleashed a torrent of hysterical conformity; anything and anyone with ties to Germany became vulnerable to charges of disloyalty. This article, from April of 1918, reports the kidnapping and tarring of Professor E.A. Schimler, a college professor whose only apparent "crime" was to have a German name and teach the German language. Click "Zoom & Pan" to view it more closely, or scroll down to see its electronic text version.

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World War I, at home and in the trenches
Creator: Ashland Daily Press
Pub Data: Ashland Daily Press. 1 April 1918.
Citation: "Professor of Northland Tarred and Feathered." Ashland Daily Press (1 April 1918). Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1160; Visited on: 9/26/2022