An Austrian painter depicts Wisconsin in the 1850s

Sketches and watercolors, 1856-1860.

Austrian painter Franz H÷lzhuber (1826-1898) came to Milwaukee in 1856 on a tour of the United States and stayed four years. Between 1856 and 1860 he traveled widely in Wisconsin as well as in Canada and the length of the Mississippi River Valley. He sketched dozens of scenes he observed while travelling, published some of his sketches in Harper's Monthly Magazine and elsewhere, and after his return to Austria, used them in lectures and as sources for larger drawings. Shown here are 42 watercolors made on his trip, most of them of Wisconsin cities and towns or views of Wisconsin rivers and lakes. Most are accompanied by relevant paragraphs from the journal he kept or notes he made later about the location.

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Creator: Holzlhuber, Franz, 1826-1898
Pub Data: Original watercolor paintings (Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, Visual Materials Holdings PH 3131).
Citation: Holzlhuber, Franz. Sketches and watercolors, 1856-1860 (original paintings and sketches). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/17/2024