The many products of the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company, 1948

Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company

Since 1847, shipbuilding and repair has been an important industry in Manitowoc. In 1902, a group of steel shipbuilders acquired a building lot in the city and began producing steel ships. The Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company expanded rapidly, first during World War I when the company constructed many ocean-going freighters and second, during World War II when the shipyards were selected by the Navy to build submarines despite having never built them before. The company built a number of other products besides ships, including cranes, refrigerators, and boilers. This book, from 1948, shows pictorially the equipment and products produced by the five divisions of the company.

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Creator: The Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company
Pub Data: Manitowoc, Wis.: The Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company, 1948.
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