Selections from FutureHmong: Voice of the Hmong magazine, 2001-2004

FutureHmong: Voice of the Hmong

Hmong refugees first began coming to the United States in 1975, and today, approximately 250,000 Hmong live in the U.S., primarily in the upper Midwest and California. Begun in the fall of 2001, FutureHmong Magazine, published in Appleton, seeks to further Hmong advancement in the United States by providing information on American society and by focusing on Hmong community issues that may be regarded as obstacles to wider acceptance in their new home. The FutureHmong issues presented here address a variety of topics, including interracial marriage, demographics, cultural traditions, and politics, in addition to features on Hmong community or business leaders. Articles of particular note are: "Why are the Hmong in America?" (June 2002); "Hmong in America" (January 2003); "Hmong population and interests" (September 2003); and "We are Hmong" (January 2004). These articles are made available through the generosity of FutureHmong Magazine,

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Pub Data: Appleton, Wis.: Y Enterprises, 2001-. (Oct/Nov 2001, Jan 2002, June 2002, Jan 2003, Sept 2003, Jan 2004)
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